Talento Brasil 2011-2012 Final Considerations

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It has been almost two weeks after the final event in Miami. Regardless the amount of work that involves covering a great event like it, it is also valid to reaffirm and reassure, it was a great deal. This Blog has been a start, not only for us but also to a few other people, and it is important to be able to provide that to someone . A  good start. Talento Brasil has managed to awake the Brazilian pride for the culture, and the  language, long time dormant in a lot of us. In a country so rich in character, colors and regionalism it is just not possible to carry that with you along all the years away from the loved motherland, but one thing for sure, the beauty and the elegance are things Brazilians never lose, it only gets better, our children will always honor that compromise, and carry on the Brazilian charm, and this year, Talento Brasil brought us into that realm, with Fashion Forever created by the great Danielle Buljan. So for what is worth, I can’t wait for the next, and one can only know what do they have in mind for the next season. For know I will look into this photos to remind me of all I have forgotten all these years of America, just to make sure I will never forget how great it is to be part of this wonderful Brazilian culture. All the information about the contest can be obtained at www.talentobrasil.com  e  www.brasilmais.com

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