Our biggest impressions

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It is IN to be Brazilian, a Brazilian celebrity is like gold, but a Brazilian American with a smile you can’t resist even better! Vicky do show Vickitalkingalot made a great impression in South Florida, and I thinf she is already recognized by a lot of the Brazilian Community on Facebook.

Vicky is from NewarkNew Jersey has a huge follow up in her area, and her popularity has grown due to the amazing smile, talent and personality. Besides all this she has interviewed many Brazilian celebrities, and even XUXA, already noticed the little star. A coincidence? I don’t think so real talent, a shooting star!

On the second day the PIB Chorus South Florida arrived and the grandiosity was there. God has mysterious ways, and this is one of his ways to make us think about all the things and moments we should be thankful for. Watching the P I B South Florida Chorus at Talento Brasil, gave us all the opportunity to take a step back and thank the Lord for all that. A great moment of Gospel Music and gifted voices. The Biggest interaction of adult and children voices, no wonder they were the recipient of the Rising Star Trophy, as Vicky also was.

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