Happy Birthday ! A family Birthday with plenty to celebrate

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Sometimes the smallest things have a way to transform our days ! Today we had the opportunity to celebrate with a great family.

Bernardo Feller, Marcio and Carla Ciccarinni , and kids. We danced, cheered, saw friends and most of all we shared moments. It made me think of this great birthday parties in Brazil, and it also took me back to the Hotspotorlando from older days. It was wonderful. To the Family thank you for having us, and to all our friends. Check the pictures !

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  1. Daniela Pulcini says:

    Happy Birthday again Bernardo!! It was a wonderful celebration. Thanks HotSpotOrlando for being there and for capturing unique moments of joy and happiness. Daniela.

  2. perry says:

    Thanks for capturing the fun and posting it so quickly. The energy generated by a roomful of brazilians is electric – and its even greater when the room is celebrating with the Sr. Bernardo and family – congratulations

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