Doing Business with Brazil :Presenting MM Lyra Brazilian Attorneys providing assistance to Brazilian law affairs.

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After the economical blast of 2008 the economical scene suffered great changes, not only in the USA but also all over the world. It was just like a domino effect where crisis after crisis were cascading and Countries that were considered very strong  and financially stable don’t hold that position anymore.

But in every economic structure that fails, it also brings to life other aspects that were not so apparent before, and almost immediate to the almost complete economical meltdown some economies started to become more and more in evidence. Emergent Economies that offered a promise of a great future in the world economical context of the future, and they were named BRICS ( Brazil, India, China, South Africa)  and each one of them today, represent great future potencies that will be the first one in the world in a short period of 5 years. China is in a race for the top, with a lot of potential as the others, but for us Brazilians, the most significant change  became materialized here in the US. With the middle class growing, and getting more opportunities of elevating their monthly income, it created a storm of changes to all. Besides a higher power of to buy, in Brazil, accelerating internal consuming, the travelling to US has enormously grown and the spending is so high that it changed the Economy in the US.

Orlando, Miami and NY are the favorite stops for Brazilians  travelling here, but note one thing, they are not only coming for small shop, they are coming for real estate, to open businesses and diversify . Today 35% of all properties sold in Miami Beach, over  US$ 200.000,00 are purchased by Brazilians. Today they are no longer looking for jobs, or taking away opportunities, they are here, opening more opportunities to people, expanding their horizons, and our opportunities. President Obama is even considering waving the Visa process to China and Brasil, decision still to come. But, with this booming of good venture it also demands more needs from all the Brazilian Business people who arrive here.  Imagine that you are here in the US opening a new business but suddenly you have a problem in Brazil, and need an Attorney there to represent you. Well, it takes time, researching, phone call, and your urgency has just to be placed on the back seat. So, stop everything you ever thought, and listen, MM Lyra, a renown Attorney Office in Brazil, has opened their doors  in Orlando, to make all Brazilian’s lives a lot easier. If you have a legal problem in Brazil, and need assistance, they are here to help. Forget looking for an Attorney, they are here, with an Office that will be able to take care of all your legal needs in Brazil. You visit them here, give all the information, and the Lawyers in Brazil will take care of you. What you have here is just a representation, but you will be taken care by one of the best group of attorneys in Brazil. If you  think of this kind of service a few years ago, you know it would be at least surprising to find it, but being ahead is the name of the game, and they are. Creating a service of this nature requires a great structure, and they have it. Here they are represented by Marcelle Lyra and Roseana Maranhão. Their office is located at 5950 Lakehurst Dr. Suite #250, Orlando-Fl. 32809 Phone # 407-580-3718.

Their website is  and Please take a look at their websites and check all areas they can and will help you.

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