The Orlando Arena (Orena) is gone !

If you have lived in Orlando for a while, you probably have at least one memory of the Old Arena. This place has brought us many good concerts and games and countless shows and now it is gone.

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Last weekend we said goodbye and now it is dust and remains, we had to go and see it for ourselves, and I took pictures just as always to certify my finding, and mark our  sadness. But to take tears away, here comes Creative Village a very large project that will brig a lot of new opportunities. According to the City of Orlando demolition will be a six month process.

“The Creative Village means new jobs at a time when our community desperately needs them. The job creation study for the Creative Village estimates an additional 6,500 jobs in the local economy during the construction period. At build out, there will be close to 5,000 permanent jobs, with more than 8,000 total Creative Village related jobs in the local economy.”

“The City of Orlando entered into a public/private partnership with Creative Village Development, LLC to redevelop the project site. When complete, this high quality, sustainable neighborhood development will support a diverse and dynamic mix of uses including 900,000 – 1,000,000 square feet of office/creative space, 300,000 – 500,000 square feet of higher education space, 25,000 square feet of K-12 education space, 1,200 – 1,500 residential units, 125,000 – 150,000 square feet of retail/commercial space and 150 – 200 hotel rooms.”

Below is what the future brings , but for right now a greater mess to clean ! To find more about  Creative Village go to


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