Open House- Dr. Carlos J. Gurreonero, D.M.D. P.A.

Today the office of  Dr. Carlos Gurreonero gave the Community and selected guests, the opportunity to visit and check all the top of the line equipment , installations, and crew. The small reception counted with some members of the press, Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, family and friends.

Art at the City of Orlando

Orlando City Beautiful more than anything  is a city that is appreciative of the arts. Downtown Orlando is not only one of the spots chosen to have an Art district but also  houses several Art Galleries, there numerous sculptures throughout town and also we have a Major Downtown Orlando Arts & Entertainment Center is being constructed, right across from the City Hall.

February Birthdays in March @ Brazilian Ministry.

Today we celebrated the Birthdays from February. A little late, but from the heart ! Thank you Marta Thompson for the amazing cake !To all of you, Happy Birthday ! May God bless all of you and guide your path, throughout life.

Dr Al Turri and his practice. (In Portuguese & English)

” The patient is the most important person in our practice. Patients depend upon our expertise we depend upon our expertise as we depend upon their patronage. The paciente is not an interruption of our work’s purpose. The patient does us a favor by coming in. We are not doing our patients a favor by serving them. The patient is not…

ALPFA- Empowering women to excel

Celebrating 10 years of Leadership in America ALPFA  Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, help women succeed professionally, make on woman understand her true potential and the life of an entire generation will be changed, if you change the life of 100 women and they can change the course of History.