Snap ! Downtown Orlando Projection ! Hosted by Mayor Buddy Dyer

We things everyday, images, people, photos, tv, lots of things in a combination, everyday goes by and all this information is sometimes wasted. Some people have the ability to make these everyday  situations and transform them into something, unusual, creative, wild, and unexpected . Talent is not always obvious, and it takes sometime to absorb it.

WATCH the Video

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And Patrick did his magic again ! The producer and main man on the event. He fights every inch of the way to create, and organize this magnificent event, and he did! The 2012 snap!  is here!

Snap in it’s 2012 edition shows URBAN WILD, the world will be different for a few days, because we need to understand that those everyday images mean more than just images.

The 3D  projection today was amazing, created by Angel’s View Productions  gives us an exact idea of what to expect when May arrives. URBAN WILD  it is !

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