Dear Sean’s 40th B-Day


Sean’s 40th Birthday celebration, I am glad I met him, he is the younger brother and the friend that you can’t take out of your sight.

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He is a great guy and today we put all our sorrows and health problems to the side to celebrate with him. He is a great friend and deserves it. Last week he was in the hospital, with big troubles, but the Lord allowed him to celebrate. His great family was all there, his mom, his sisters, kids and all close friends, and I think we all had a great time. At the end he opened his wife’s gift that said : “Happy B-Day Sean, I love you always” and that is all that matters, that and the green butter cream all over his face that she gently spread.

Sean you are loved by all, because you have a great heart, and no matter what, we will always remember you like that, loved, happy and smiling, Get well soon! Now let’s check the pictures!


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