Chillounge @ Lake Eola, an unforgettable night !

Started on a beautiful afternoon, perfect weather, for the perfect setup.

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Lake Eola‘s  best corner all decked up, with lounge furniture, pillows and silk drapery to set the South Beach mood, great food, beautiful people and lots of music. The event Chillounge Night created by Rainer Scheer, has traveled around and has been a huge success everywhere it goes, what proves that luxury, good taste, and good entertainment are still valued by many. The party really started when a parade of entertainers leaded by Rainer started with characters in stilts, beautiful male models in gold  shorts and great built bodies carrying long chaises with Mrs Florida, and Miss Central Florida. Later on when the night fell a great show, the touch of Brazil,  Phoebe Vecchione  with her samba team, Edu Ares  with percussion, a Capoeira Show with Pelourinho Capoeira from Master Lazaro, and a Fashion Show with beautiful models.

Nothing could go wrong, everything well-organized, punctual and professional, full house, with elegant guests. You can know more about the event at, but you can check the pictures here.

Take a look!

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