WTC Orlando 2012 Event A world showcase @ The Rotunda Room – City of Orlando.

An unexpected show of dance color and culture. A world showcase, from 1001 nights, veils, dances and music that took everyone around the world non stop, Morocco, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, all the Americas and more.

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The 2012 World Trade Center Heritage event was royally represented by many cultures.Presents were the African American Chamber of Commerce, Brighthouse, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Moroccan Chamber of Commerce, and the British American Chamber of Commerce. Organized by the World Trade Cent Orlando, the event was opened by Mr. Byron Sutton, national Anthem from Brazil and the United States performed by Paulo Lara, followed by all the dance presentations for the night.
The Brazilian Chamber was represented by Vice President Nelson Freitas along with Directors, Silas A. Pinto, Laiz Rodrigues, Janaina Brilhante, Volney Rosa Rodrigues, Paulo Souza e Marcio Silva. The Brazilian Chamber presented the Samba dance Ana Paterson, the art of Soco Freire, Yummies Desserts with treats for all, and Silva’s Market was also present with products from Brazil. It was a true original event.
For more information on World Trade Center Orlando visit the website

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