Amazon Forest Cafe soft open! A huge success!

Today was Amazon Forest Cafe  soft open. Just for  the media, public figures and closest friends. The grand opening to the public will not happen til next week.

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With a beautiful Amazon Indian to greet all the guests, the exquisite food, the colors, the combination with the moods of the Amazon, the special juices, and the people were for sure the highest note. During the event a capoeira show from Master Lazaro that is simply the best! A samba dancer, and the best of all The art of Soco Freire, exposed in the restaurant, proving one more time that Brazil is a great success no matter what. So get ready, to amaze yourself, to treat yourself to this great different combination of colors, and amazing tastes of the Amazon. Fresh to the last drop!

Located at Orlando Crossings,at 5417 International Dr. the new Brazilian Hottest point for Tourists, that  just gained  a great sensation. Fabricio and Felipe are the youngest Brazilian entrepreneurs in Orlando, working full power, and they believe that the trilogy Amazon Forest Franchise, Amazon Forest Combat ( MMA), and Açai will be the best investment to any person that is looking for a big hit. Not only because of the opportunity alone but because they truly believe that by 2015 Amazon Forest Cafe will be one of the top chains in the US. They have the best approach, fresh food, natural juices, smoothies and Açai. Yes! remember this! Fresh to the last drop! Now check the pictures!


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