Hispanic Business Consumer Expo! The Brazilian presence !

The Hispanic Business Consumer Expo this year had a greater participation of the Brazilian Community. Besides The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, with many guests and associates that stopped by to say hello, the neighbors  were  Sonus Video and Photography, Nossa Gente Newspaper, and Accent Brokers, not forgetting to mention all the Brazilians that also work for other Companies that were present, like Altour, New York Life, and many more.

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It was a great day! besides the huge number of people that were at the expo, we were presented by the Hispanic Chamber, with the presentation of Capoeira Brazilian Pelourinho, leaded by Master Lazaro and Phoebe with her crew dancing the Samba and believe it or not she danced at the sound of  Ai se eu te pego. The audience went crazy it was a big surprise.

The Hispanic Expo is always a success, it is made with  competence, by people who love what they do, an amazing group of people, and we are proud to be a part of this great moment! So in the name of the Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce we thank all the people who made this event so special and so incredible.

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