Panama Jack with Updated Beach Cruiser Bicycle Classic



This Summer, grown-up children can create new memories by giving themselves or someone special Panama Jack’s new-classic beach cruiser bicycle. The retro-styled bikes capture the brand’s fun, escapist lifestyle.  They also provide the “wheels” to embark on new adventures.Panama Jack teamed up with leading bicycle manufacturer, Huffy Corporation, two years ago, to produce a line of beach cruiser bikes that reflected the brand’s beach lifestyle.  The companies’ collaboration resulted in an updated classic cruiser that sets a new standard for an old favorite.  The Panama Jack bike’s wide tires, roomy seat, sturdy frame and single-speed operation are converting many casual cyclists into avid “cruisers.”  The bikes are hugely popular with teenagers, college students, baby boomers and active seniors who find the bikes to be a convenient mode of transportation, a statement about their values, and a fun way to explore old and new places.

PANAMA JACK BEACH CRUISER BIKEPanama Jack’s cruiser comes in both a 26-inch men’s and women’s model.  Newer twists include a bold beach-colored frame, wood-grain trim, cork hand grips, a beverage holder and opener, and a handlebar bag.  Retail giants Walmart and Targets both sell the bike, as do other regional stores.  The bikes typically range in price from $159 to $179.

An enterprising U.S. bicycle company first introduced cruiser bicycles in 1933, modeling them after balloon-tire-equipped motorcycles of the day.  The bikes’ popularity skyrocketed over the next three decades.  The bicycles were even called into service by the U.S. military and U.S. Postal Service.  Interest in cruisers waned with the advent of lighter racing bikes, but re-emerged strongly in the late 1990s, and has been climbing ever since.

 Increasingly, the beach cruiser’s versatility, easy handling, smooth ride, and affordability comfortably fit people’s lifestyles today. “The success of Panama Jack cruisers is exciting,” said Ray Thomson, executive vice president of Marketing at Huffy Corporation.  “We believed that combining the great Panama Jack ‘look’ with a comfortable, easy-to-ride cruiser was exactly what was needed for adults.  Riding a cruiser makes you feel like you’re on vacation, which is what Panama Jack is all about.” “The Panama Jack brand started on the beaches in resort destinations but has made its way into people’s everyday lives,” said Panama Jack President Kim Manna.  “Our beach cruisers provide consumers with the chance to live the Panama Jack lifestyle wherever they may be.  

They have the opportunity to escape and relax.” Panama Jack: Panama Jack is an international company that built a powerful brand and loyal following with products synonymous with carefree beach living.  The company’s offerings include suncare, sunglasses, apparel, sandals and shoes, hats, jewelry, beach chairs and umbrellas.  Panama Jack added beach cruiser bicycles to its offerings in 2010, and opened the first of several retail stores at top travel destinations.  It introduced the Panama Jack Home Collection featuring indoor and outdoor furniture last year, making it possible for people to live the Panama Jack lifestyle at home.

 Founded in 1974, the company is based in Orlando, FL. Huffy Corporation: Huffy Corporation is a private company with more than 100 years of experience in the bicycle business. Its bikes are hallmarks of innovative design, high-quality components, proven durability and time-tested performance. The company offers products for all ages from tricycles, scooters and children’s bicycles to BMX, mountain, cruiser and commuter bikes. For more information, visit SOURCE  Panama Jack

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