Global Nights event @ the Citrus Club

One great Summer afternoon where the Chambers got together to promote a huge network event and everyone had a great time!

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The Brazilian American Chamber, the British Chamber, the Jewish Chamber, the Asian American Chamber, The French American Business Council of Orlando,The Hispanic Chamber,the Indian American Chamber,and the Puerto Rican Chamber, all reunited to promote business, two hours where everyone had a chance to know more about every organization, and business talk.

Max Stewart Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of Central Florida, also the  event’s organizer, had it all planned so everyone would have enough time to meet, greet, eat, drink and attend to the speaker James L. Baccus, and  a little  more networking, right after. The event could not be at a better place, the Citrus Club, that offers a perfect ambiance, great food, service, location and Elcy Hernandez smile and supervision and participation. The plans are to repeat this event every three months, it  was great, hoping to see everyone soon! Now check the pictures!

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