Seara Ministry- Festa do Milho- Corn Party!


In a beautiful and hot, very hot afternoon, the party started at 5 PM  and went on til almost 10 PM. Almost everyone dressed in character, as country folks, and the food kept coming. All Brazilian goodies, made with corn, sweets, and not sweet, everything like a good party in Brazil would be in the month of July.

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The happiness, the cordiality and friendship were not in scarce either, what made the event even more enjoyable. At Seara Ministry, by Pastor Sylvia Pinto and her husband Pastor Fernando Pinto, the social work and community service is a day by day routine, that is in constant demand. Nothing goes without their help, they are involved in all, and everything functions as a whole, all in one, very  hard to find this days. And if they can they will help other communities too. Two years ago we had a clothing drive to help Brazil, due to rain damage that destroyed  a  lot in Rio. We had so much donated that filled one room in the church and then some more.

We all got together to pack everything, and send it to Rio, but since nobody could get the 56 boxes to Rio, Pastor Sylvia sent it to Haiti, and God‘s wishes was once more fulfilled. It doesn’t matter who gets it, but, who really needs it, and where the Lord wants it. So this is Seara Ministry, a Ministry of friendship and community involvement. Now check the pictures!


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