Wine For Us presented by the FSAWWA Region III & Water For People

Region III of the Florida Section American Water Works Association (FSAWWA)
hosts the 4th Annual Wine For Us fundraising event at the Orange County Regional History
Center on August 16, 2012, in downtown Orlando.

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This unique wine-tasting fundraiser is a reception-styled evening event of fine wines, hors d’oeuvres, classical music, and socializing; allthe while raising awareness and support for clean water and sanitation in developing countries.Wine For Us was originally conceived as a social forum to deliberate the issue of internationaldevelopment, particularly related to water and sanitation. In the early years, it served as a social networking event among friends and interested individuals who would come together one evening each year to share glasses of wine and beer while discussing the issues of the day.

With time, and the increasingly urgent need for action, Wine For Us evolved into a fundraising event to support the important work of grassroots development, while retaining its flavor as forum to deliberate on the issues that affect vast fellow-citizens of the world. Wine For Us was created to address a global crisis – nearly 1 billion people without clean drinking water; and over 2.5 billion people without adequate sanitation. Wine For Us helpsaddress this global crisis in several ways. All proceeds from the event are directed to the work of Water For People ( in developing sustainable water / sanitation infrastructure and health education / hygiene in developing countries. Water, sanitation and hygiene serve to address the issues at the heart of the global crisis in health, well being and development. It helps communities break out of the vicious disease-poverty cycle and puts them back on the path to productivity, development and prosperity.

In addition to being a lot of fun, Wine For Us, also serves to educate participants on the issues and makes the case for individual participation in this global effort. The Wine For Us team believes that the more people know, the more they will participate in this truly worthy cause of development.

Wine For Us is also a networking forum for professionals and leaders in the community to come together in common action on a global issue. It helps build partnerships between people of disparate backgrounds who nonetheless recognize the common humanity of the issues and the impact to life and livelihood around the world. In bringing together people focused not just on local action but on the global impact that it entails, Wine For Us serves as a bridge-builder between people who truly want to “change the world” for those less fortunate than themselves.

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