Second Fridays 2012 Artist Competition- Special Olympics

In honor of the 2012 Summer Games in London, Baterbys  sponsored a local artist competition for aspiring and professional artists. With seven winning artists that will be assimilated into the gallery’s art collection and showcased in a near future, Baterby’s promote a night with a beautiful mix of art emotion and fun. Proceeds from this competition  benefited the Special Olympics of Florida.

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Baterbys Art Gallery reunited many artists to show their work of art* inspired by any visual element that pertains to 2012 Games in London, like colors and elements, and the result was fantastic. Two Brazilian Artists were participating, Soco Freire and Marta Cerqueira, both showing their wonderful talent. Jesslym Park was also a point of attention of all with a great painting. In reality they were all great, in art there are no winners, but great creative minds all in their own world of creation, with different colors and materials. The prizes were given to seven artists, Ivaldo Robles, Soco Freire, Angel Rivera were the three top winners with gold, silver and bronze medals. Each artist was invited to speak about their art and a little about their inspiration.

One of the judges for the night was artist Carlos Alberto Quintero, that is also exposing his work at Baterby’s. It was a great night with an amazing turn out. The event was presented by Stefan Delaportas, art advisor at Baterby’s.

The artists were: Soco Freire, Marta Cerqueira, Ivaldo Robles, Hawke Foreste ,Louise Hallauer, Gina Kyle, Hope Lugo, Kevin Olis, Jesslyn Park, Angel Rivera, Chantel Rodriguez, Alexia Rose, Renee Wilson, Sandra Wise, Lynn Wood, Dannette Wright, Henry Diaz, Kamy Catherman, McCall Andrews, Richard Barrenechea, and Dana Bickensderfer.

Great Food and amazing drinks were provided by Cuba Libre Cuban Restaurant at Pointe Orlando. Baterby’s is located at Pointe Orlando 9101 International Drive suite 1008 Orlando Florida, 32819.

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