Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Volunteers to Provide the Less Fortunate with IDignity

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer Volunteers to Provide the Less Fortunate with IDignity

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will work side-by-side with members of his senior staff at the monthly IDignity event. Since its inception in 2008, Mayor Dyer has volunteered annually at the IDignity event which was created to help the disadvantaged in Central Florida overcome the difficulties of obtaining the personal identification that is crucial to enabling them to become self-sufficient.

These monthly events provide assistance and aid to approximately 225 people in receiving Florida ID cards and licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and other documents with assistance from legal counsel. The IDignity event is held once a month on a Thursday at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. For more information, visit idignity.org.
IDignity is an integral part of Mayor Dyer’s efforts to extend help and opportunity to our homeless population as it removes barriers for citizens seeking to get back on their feet. One of the most significant impediments for employment is lack of identification. It can be frustrating and intimidating for a person to apply for forms of ID that are necessary for them to have access to housing, apply for a job or seek essential services. IDignity simplifies this process by grouping all of these vital services under one roof.

Orlando Union Rescue Mission
410 West Central Boulevard

IDignity was formed by a coalition of The Cathedral Church of St. Luke, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, First United Methodist Church of Orlando, St. James Catholic Cathedral and Trinity Lutheran Church. The IDignity team works with representatives from the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Homeless Services Network, Legal Advocacy at Work, Florida Division of Driver Licenses, Orange County Health Department, Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs in order to make this initiative a great success.

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