Water for people- Wine for US- Local effort Global Impact

Millions of people in the world still don’t have clean water, sanitation, toilets, they sometimes danger themselves in order to get water, for their family. Somewhere in the world tonight will not have clean water to drink and maybe even get ill if they drink what they have, which is dirty water. 

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So tonight when you put your head on the pillow, think about it,it is important to have awareness about this things, because no matter how little you help, it is a little more to get these people what they deserve, wish and dream, and we just take it for granted. It amazes me how far can a dream go ! Water for us was created to help people like me and you, that want to help people in developing countries to get better water. If you look into it at the site  www.waterforpeople.org  you will see how difficult it is to live without clean water. The situation is so dramatic that the kids in charge of getting the daily water, do not get a fair chance to go to school, or to get education. It is hard to see this and not do anything, and feel it is OK, because it is not. So I am here asking for them and to help this great cause.

Wine for us is an annual event by many volunteers, and companies in Central Florida to help fund sanitation, and clean water, we visited the event and the support it was great and the location was the Orlando Regional History Center, Bar excellent  services were provided by The wine Barn ! But, the cause still continues and you can help all year, so please visit the site and thank you for your help ! Now let’s check the pictures.

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