Marta Cerqueira – The Art of Paper Sculpture


Marta Cerqueira- DREAMS IN PAPER.
Marta is an artist with a deep imagination,her work shows how high she can go, and for sure flies higher and faster than she can realize.The many talents she has are deeply tuned to her route in life. Born in Brazil, in João Pessoa, as a little girl she developed a passion for colors. Marriage, children and religion, took her to different Countries and also to the need of express herself. Oil painting at first, then watercolors,silhouettes, and later paper sculpture her latest find.

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It seems like the infinite possibilities on a white sheet of paper, works as a trigger to her inclination to cutting, constructing and creating beauty out of nothing. Gifted like artists all are
but still getting to learn more intimacy with her own creative process and fast developing and growing her wings. With true attention to detail, the dreams of a little girl are clear transpiring through her dolls,beautiful work allowing anyone to dream just by looking at them. They are luxurious, constructed by different materials, pieces of a dream that comes true after they are meticulously dressed and completed . Marta is an artist with a big heart, and Faith, and a real connection to her child side what makes it possible to do her art so well. Maybe if we all still had a little more of childhood in us we could have a better world, filled with more imagination and love.

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  1. Thank you Maria dos Prazeres for you encoragment.You can go in my website

  2. Maria dos Prazeres Condado barbosa says:

    I really appreciate the way Marta uses colors and textures. Her pieces of work show a lot of sensitivity! Congratulations, Marta!

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