GERLAN JEANS SS13 Featuring The MINNIE MOUSE Collection




A riot of color and playful sophistication, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection is inspired by powerful GERLS everywhere. GERLAN JEANS runway models are marching for self-expression without limits! Take control! Overturn stereotypes! It’s GERL POWER!

The GERL POWER collection rises up with a brand new range of signature GERLAN JEANS repeat prints and head-to-toe empowerment messaging. Cartoon pinks play against princess purples and radical yellow bursts. Illustrative black outlines define, accentuate and celebrate the body beautiful. A range of silhouettes, from the body-conscious to the tomboy, gets recombined. Delicate fabrications, from shiny satins to video girl crystals, play off of tough black netting and cartoon camouflage.

As part of the Spring/Summer 2013 runway show, GERLAN JEANS presents the MINNIE MOUSE collection. The timeless and forever stylish Disney icon is taking the spotlight with a look that’s all her own! “Minnie Mouse is a fashion icon that transcends time,” said Stephanie Kraus, vice president of global product development and softlines for Disney Consumer Products. “Our collaboration with Gerlan Jeans brings to life Minnie’s flirty vitality and introduces her to a new generation of young women who will be inspired to infuse their fashion with fun.”

Classic Minnie Mouse iconography gets the GERLAN JEANS treatment with vivid repeat prints that showcase Minnie’s many moods and then sets her signature bow free to fly! The signature “Minnie Bow” is seen throughout the collection as a symbol of empowerment, taking the bow to new heights and making it the must-have accessory of the season. Fashion enthusiasts will take note of the flirty “Minnie Maxi-skirt” and sassy “Bow-veralls” as showpieces of the GERL POWER movement!


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