Smash Mouth’s New Album “MAGIC” Available Today!


Smash Mouth‘s New Album “MAGIC” Available Today! Amazon Exclusive Includes Six Bonus Remixes
First Single “Magic” Heading For Top 20
 Smash Mouth, the band that gave you crazy memorable hits like “All Star,” “Walkin’ On The Sun,” “Then the Morning Comes” and “I’m A Believer” among many others, has signed with 429 Records and set for the release of their brand new album “MAGIC” today.  

The title track “Magic” is looking to be another monster radio smash as it is poised to enter the Top 20 of the mainstream AC Radio Mediabase Chart and Billboard Chart. The band is back with original members Steve Harwell (vocals), Paul Delisle (Bass) and Mike Klooster (keyboards).  Rookie players this time around are Randy Cooke (drums) and Mike Krompass (guitar).  Krompass in fact, also helmed the producer’s mantle (having worked with Nelly Furtado and David Archuleta) capturing the quintessential Smash Mouth party sound as well as helping to take them to the next level.  The band will spend the rest of 2012 touring behind the new project as well as promoting the release of their rock and roll cookbook–“RECIPES FROM THE ROAD.”  In addition, Amazon is offering an exclusive album package with six additional remixes.  “MAGIC” is available everywhere today on 429 Records.The release of the album and single are perfectly in tune with the band’s reputation for being the “sound of summer.”  From their debut in 1997 when the smash hit “Walkin’ On The Sun” (played by KROQ before any label deal) powered their album “Fush Yu Mang” to double platinum sales, the band has scored hit after hit worldwide.  Smash Mouth has toured extensively with notable stops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay where they entertained U.S. troops.

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429 Records is a unit of The Savoy Label Group (SLG).  SLG is the North American based division of Nippon Columbia the oldest music company in Japan.  The Savoy Label Group has evolved into a Grammy Award winning and chart topping independent music company consistently outperforming competitors in key music categories as monitored by Billboard Magazine. The Savoy Label Group is led by Steve Vining and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

SOURCE  429 Records


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