Banda BRa @ Camila’s Lounge – The Great Come Back

Banda BRa is back! The show was at Camila‘s Lounge, and the crowd was there. All faithful friends, fans and people who made Banda BRa the official Rock’nRoll Band since last year.

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There were high expectations about this show, but I can tell you, the Band has a synchronization never seen before, their repertoire was great, they played all the right songs, and the musical part was just perfect, some of the songs were right like the originals, nothing different, simply executed . You could close your eyes and you were there in the 80’s dancing and having fun. The groove was just right, It was so good that some people were just watching, pleasant to the ear, like a great rehearsal. Camilo was relaxed, singing  his songs  some on  stage, some near the public and everything went well. If you could not make it this time, make sure you come next time, so you can also have a great time! By the way BR TVwas registering the event live ! Let’s check the pictures

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