Florida Hospital Gives its First “Healthy 100” Seal of Approval to Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets











Florida Hospital Gives its First “Healthy 100” Seal of Approval to Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets

Chick-fil-A’s new grilled chicken nuggets are a healthy option for kids


Parents on-the-go no longer have to choose convenience over nutrition thanks to Florida Hospital, Chick-fil-A and the Orlando Magic. The three organizations have partnered together to create a healthier Central Florida community, Florida Hospital has officially given its first “Healthy 100” seal of approval to the new Chick-fil-A® Grilled Nuggets as a nutritious food choice for children.

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According to recent research, 48 percent of restaurants in Orange County are considered fast food, while the goal for counties across the nation is set at just 25 percent.  The Florida Hospital Healthy 100 seal of approval assures restaurant patrons that the readily available choice can now also be the healthy choice.

In keeping with guidelines determined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association), Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 nutrition team verifies the Grilled Nuggets entrée, when paired with the Fruit Cup and one-percent milk, is one of the most nutritious children’s meal combinations offered among any major quick service restaurant chain, containing only 210 calories and 3 grams of fat. Chick-fil-A was already recognized as having one of the healthiest Kid’s Meals in the country, and now, with these improvements, its Kid’s Meal contains almost 60 percent fewer calories and 85 percent less fat than most popular Kid’s Meals (hamburger, 12oz. soda and small French fries) at other fast food restaurants.

Overall, the fast food industry has made great strides in providing healthy side items for children, but Chick-fil-A is going a step further by introducing a healthy entrée. In fact, it is the first quick-service restaurant to offer a grilled entrée option in its Kid’s Meal.

“As a mom, I want to make sure that I am always giving my kids the healthiest options available, even on the go,” said Heather Franks, a local mother. “I am so glad that Chick-fil-A offers a healthy choice for kids. We are big fans of the grilled chicken nuggets!”

Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 Kids program is a journey to create a culture of health and wellness throughout the community to invigorate the mind, body and spirit to live to a healthy 100 years old. Florida Hospital and the Orlando Magic applaud Chick-fil-A for addressing the issue of childhood obesity by creating the first ever grilled entrée as part of the kid’s menu. This is the first healthy food endorsement made by the hospital program.

“The reality is that you can’t always change people’s eating habits, but we can continue to make it easier to choose the healthy option,” said Dr. Angela Fals, medical director of Healthy 100 Kids at Florida Hospital for Children. “We commend Chick-fil-A for this effort and hope that this stamp of approval will resonate with parents so they can rest assured they are making a good choice for their family.”

“This is an especially important issue for the Orlando Magic, as health and wellness is one of our three community focus areas,” said Orlando Magic Vice President of Community Relations and Government Affairs Linda Landman Gonzalez. “We, along with our partners Chick-fil-A and Florida Hospital, are committed to conquering the childhood obesity epidemic and creating a healthier Central Florida community.”



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