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Dear friends and readers, I’m in a new phase of my life, and also a new phase on  the subjects  “Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism”.

I’ll leave a bit of the theme “Beaches” and talk about other places in São Paulo and in Brazil, so beautiful and conducive to the practice of sports.
Learn a little about this area of ​​the city Brotas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ideal for nature lovers, for those who like adventures, and also very quiet, also known as Capital of Ecotourism Sao Paulo

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I hope you fully enjoy the area.

ADVENTURE TOURISM ” and “Eco tourism

The “adventure tourism” and “Eco tourism” characterized by using the natural resources in the county for sports activities and contemplation and interaction with nature.
Southeast of Brazil, center of São Paulo. To the northwest of the capital, near the towns of
San Carlos and Jau.

Brotas is located right in the center of São Paulo, in the heart of one of the most developed regions of the country, but it still presents us with their wealth and natural beauty preserved. Endowed with a privileged and strategic geographical location, have been taking a new path and emerges within national ecotourism.

Historically, always linked to the production and the rural agricultural economy, had its” heyday” in the early twentieth century, with the coffee culture. Brotas gathers characteristics quite significant with regard to the preservation of natural resources, because it retains a large portion of  bushland, housing a considerable plant and animal biodiversity. But its greatest asset is the natural relief of mild generally, in the formation of “Cuestas Basalt,” and its great water sources, highlighting the Alligator River Pepira, one of the few unpolluted rivers still the state of Sao Paulo.

These natural conditions make Brotas one of the few regions in the interior of São Paulo who still reconciles natural environment, with aspects of an area occupied by almost all rural activities, guaranteeing a strong scenic beauty besides presenting cultural aspects typical of the local community .

Brotas houses in their “saws” several springs and rivers waterfalls, cutting valleys and hillsides, focuses a multitude of tourist attractions, mostly water (dams, streams, waterfalls, rapids and springs). Its potential natural ally to the increase of tourism products and services, gives the region a huge potential for adventure tourism, ecotourism and rural tourism. And today is surely a reference point for the practice of adventure sports such as rafting, tubing, canyoning, canopy tours and more.

Tree Climbing: acrobatic aerial route between trees using equipment vertical techniques.
CACHOEIRISMO: Practice in waterfall rappelling. There is a possibility down the waterfall rappelling in more than once.

Canyoneering: Exploring waterfalls canyons using a variety of techniques, among them the rappel. Swimming, floating, running water, waterslide, jumping.

CLIMBING: Sports practiced for the rise of rock walls or artificial (indoor rock climbing).

RAPEL: Technique of vertical descent, used by practitioners of canyoning, caving and climbing, which consists of sliding down slopes predominantly vertical, vertical techniques using equipment.

Tyrolean: Practice is to make the crossing from one side to another on: valleys, hills, canyons, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, using vertical techniques.

PENDULUM: Activity consisting of a vertical rope swing pendulando on the water column of the 30m waterfall Cassorova.

SLACK LINE: Crossing valleys on tape. Using climbing gear.


RAFTING: Practice downhill in rivers with waterfalls and rapids, using inflatable boat and safety equipment. In Brotas is done in the Alligator River Pepira ranging from class II and IV.

CROSS-BUOY: Practice downhill in rivers with waterfalls and rapids, using a special buoy in round handles with security and safety equipment.

WATERFALL BATH: Walk by trail to the waterfall and swim to contemplate.

KR – Kaiaky Rafting: Practice downhill in rivers with waterfalls and rapids, using “kayaks” and inflatable safety equipment.

MINI RAFTING / FLOATING: Practice downhill in rivers with waterfalls and rapids, using inflatable boat and safety equipment. Practiced in the stretch of the Rio Jacare basic Pepira with class I and II rapids. Suitable for toddlers and Golden Age.

FISHING: Practice more common in the neighborhood of “São Sebastião da Serra”, where is located the “Alligator River Dam” permitted fishing boat. Note: place open to the public.

CIRCUIT CABLE: wakeboard, kneeboard, skiboat are practiced in a circuit with 150 meters in length and 300m in total. The boards and floats are pulled by motorized cable, operated by professionals that accelerate and decelerate according to the participant’s knowledge. Sprout is the third destination in Brazil to receive a circuit cable.


WALKS: Practice individual and group tours made by walking trails and paths that cross natural environments.

Horseback Riding: Practice horse riding, individual or collective, running trails, paths and small roads that cross natural environments.

MOUNTAIN BIKE: Practice rides bicycles adapted to traverse rough terrain like dirt trails, paths and small roads.

ATV: Riding bikes with 4X4 for one or two people, through roads and trails, contemplating the landscapes of the region may have river crossings and accessing or not natural attractions.

BIRDWATCHING: Activity of bird watching in their natural environment, tourism resulting from the contemplative aspect of ecotourism.

OFF-ROAD: made tours in 4×4 vehicles on dirt roads.
Sprouts also has diversified trade crafts and fun night for all ages.

Lodging in Brotas, SP

Sprouts offers various accommodation options: hotels economical, comfortable inns, hostels exquisite cottages, farm hotels, resorts, campsites, cottages and farms.
See website ::
Gastronomy in Brotas
Restaurants, pizzerias and bars offering the finest cuisine of the interior, pasta, and more.
See website ::
Our thanks to Office of Tourism Brotas.


Written by: Edmundo Cavalcanti
e.mail: cavalcanti.edmundo @
Facebook: Edmundo Cavalcanti
Tweeter: @ EdCavalc

Photography credits to: Carlos Zeiss, Luciana Pires Jesus, Andrea Reis, some  photos also courtesy from SECTUR-BROTAS

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