The Chamber experience

We are the Brazilian Chamber ! Have you heard that somewhere? Well I did ! It made me think, to be that passionate about  something we mus say we are a lot of things or at least for all the things we really like. But we don’t, except if it comes with a price tag in it. Well, I have to say in our case it doesn’t and we are all volunteers, we do it because we believe we can do better, we can help more, and we can create a special entity that is not only transparent but  also brilliant and above any doubts.

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The Chamber meets once a month for deliberations, and we also vote on projects, expenses and new members. We have committees, Government relations, events, membership, and media. Our Board has 12 sitting members, one President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, all free of charge. Great ! But we fight also for good things, mainly if these things will bring us progress. If we grow our members grow with us!

One of the highlights of the month is our Business After Hours, which happen in different restaurants once a month, we meet, network and bring a new client to our hosts. This is like a chain, we guarantee that from all the people who will come to an event will return with a friend, or family member and word of mouth is the biggest advertisement. Today, we went to the Amazon Forest Cafe Smoothie/Juice Bar · Restaurant 5417 International DriveOrlandoFL.(407) 250-6759. The Amazon Forest Cafe is one of our newest members, and we wanted to give people the opportunity to know more about it and try the different Amazon foods, they offer, and also all the regular Brazilian dishes. They have juices, and they served little Tambaqui fish croquettes, Tuna Salad bite size sandwiches, and sun-dried tomatoes pate w/’ toast. It was great! They also served Passion fruit mousse on chocolate cups, delirious! All prepared by Chef  Carlos Silva.

One more time good food and good conversation, and a great moment cherished among old and new friends, and the opportunity to make a difference helping a business grow !

So yes, if you ask I am The Brazilian Chamber, but just because I get to do great things! Join US!  Find all the information on the website. Let’s check the pictures!

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