Get Loudererererererer


Want to be original this holiday season? No matter who you’re shopping for, give the gift that extends entertainment experiences with eye-poppin’ color and the epic power of LOUDERER. Meet the sleek and sexy, Zooka.

Zooka is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is the perfect companion to your Apple iPad, iPhone and MacBook, and enhances your sound to crystal clear, brilliant and loud.  In fact, when it comes to sharing entertainment, you want to play all of it louder.

You need to play it LOUDERER. And that’s what Zooka delivers.

Now available at Apple stores and on, you can purchase Carbon Audio’s Zooka in six LOUDERER colors: black, blue, dark grey, orange, pink, and red. The only thing not loud about the Zooka is its price point of $99.95.

Big BANG benefits, now powered by Zooka:

—  Louderer Sound – Zooka’s not louder, it’s louderer. Zooka enhances your
music, movies, games and entertainment by making them five times
—  Louderer Wireless Bluetooth – Zooka lets you listen louderer from up to
30 feet away.
—  A Louderer Built-in Microphone – Zooka turns your iPad into a louderer
speakerphone, which enhances use with Skype, FaceTime and other
communication software.?
—  Patented Louderer Design – Zooka slides onto the edge of an iPad or
MacBook to give you louderer sound, without inhibiting the use of the
—  Removable Kickstand – Zooka comes with a removable metal kickstand that
allows your iPad to stand up at an angle that’s ideal for watching
movies or video chatting with friends and family.
Zooka is Carbon Audio’s first product. They’ve collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy’s experimental school, W+K 12, to help launch the Zooka with a campaign that redefines the spectrum of loud.

With offices in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR, Carbon Audio is an innovative and disruptive audio company, specializing in advanced audio products with uncompromising design. The company’s products visually communicate their benefits in an edgy style that makes great music better, great movies more entertaining and media more immersive.  Learn more about this and upcoming Carbon Audio products, by



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