Trade of Innocents makes Clinton Global Initiative ‘Commitment to Action’ to highlight the reality of human trafficking in upcoming film

Trade of Innocents makes Clinton Global Initiative ‘Commitment to Action’ to highlight the reality of human trafficking in upcoming film

This thoughtful film illuminates the realities of human trafficking and explores the solutions that are needed to stop these abuses.  This film will keep you on the edge of your seat and will leave you inspired to take a stand in the global fight against modern slavery.” Bradley Myles, Executive Director, Polaris Project

Laurie Bolthouse of Bicycle Peddler, LLC announced their commitment, Trade of Innocents: A Call to Action to End Human Trafficking at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting.

In 2012, Laurie Bolthouse, in conjunction with her family and their business, Bicycle Peddler LLC, commit to producing and releasing Trade of Innocents, a fictional full-length feature film about the sex trafficking industry in Cambodia and those who are working to fight it. The film starring Dermot Mulroney and Mira Sorvino will be released to theaters on October 5, 2012 and is distributed nationally by Monterey Media and internationally by Worldwide Film Entertainment.  The producers created the film with the goal of educating and entertaining viewers, instilling a passion for the issue, and inspiring ordinary citizens to join the fight to end trafficking.

“It is refreshing to see a film that addresses an uncomfortable reality while creating an opportunity for people to join together to create solutions for change and bring hope to those whose lives have been impacted.”  Stacia Freeman, Executive Director, Abolition International

“Our purpose is to raise up a generation of activists who, moved by the power and emotion of this picture, will commit themselves to ending slavery,” said Laurie Bolthouse.

To that end, the Bolthouse family will launch In partnership with 30+ anti-trafficking organizations, this call-to-action website will offer a three-fold course of action: raising awareness, promoting activism, and supporting survivors. Through the portal, individuals will be able to connect with groups working on the frontlines around the world to stop trafficking, bring restoration and healing to survivors, and bring perpetrators to justice. The portal will also facilitate collaboration and information sharing between and among the partner organizations and the public.

Additionally a resource website, launched today that provides free, downloadable resources for faith communities, student groups, and community activists that enables them to hold discussion groups, create film screenings events and supports a call to action in their own communities.

“We’re thrilled to see Hollywood taking the complicated and terrible phenomenon of human trafficking seriously. This action-packed drama is undergirded with truth – and hope.”

–Amy Lucia, Vice President of Global Communications, International Justice Mission.

Trade of Innocents is written and directed by Christopher Bessette (The Enemy God) and Produced by William Bolthouse, Laurie Bolthouse, and Jim Schmidt. For more information visit, and follow us on twitter @toimovie and at

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Trade of Innocents

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