World Cup in Brazil will have British seats by Nöra BlueCube

 David Cameron announced the closing of the first deal for the joint venture between the British company BlueCube and the Brazilian company Nöra, during the seminar on the upcoming major sporting events in Rio de Janeiro


The experience of hosting major sporting events yields business abroad for the British. David Cameron is in Brazil and participated in the Seminar Hosting Major Sporting Events in Rio de Janeiro.  The purpose of the event is to strengthen relationship with the country that will be hosting the next World Cup and Olympic Games.  One of the British companies that is already successful in the Brazilian market is BlueCube, who provides the seats for major international sports arenas, such as the new Olympic Stadium in London, Wembley Stadium, and Soccer City in South Africa, among others.  In order to operate in the country, the company established a joint venture with the Brazilian Nöra specializing in corporate furniture.

The partnership has already yielded results that were announced during the speech by David Cameron during the event.  Nöra BlueCube won the bid to supply 64,000 seats for the Castelão Stadium that will host the World Cup games in the city of Fortaleza.  The company is also in the bid to supply to other arenas for the World Cup and Olympic Games in Rio.  In all, Brazil will require 1.3 million seats for the sports centers that will be hosting these major events.

The furniture company corporate Nora announced a joint venture with British Bluecube specializing in the production of chairs and seats for stadiums. With the new market, the Brazilian company aims to double the revenue.
According Vinicius Cipriano, a partner at Nora, the news of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil brought the idea to expand the portfolio. “We arrived in Bluecube through a survey at the Olympic Stadium in London. They were already global projects, but not in Latin America, “he says. With a year and a half of the market, Nora hopes to double in size with the push of sporting events.

Clueless Bluecube will manufacture seats in Brazil and provides generate 150 indirect jobs for each project. “One of the issues we chose the company was by this model of local manufacturing. They won in London for the sustainability of local production and decided to have the same strategy here, “he says. At first, the seats will be produced in São Paulo.

The decision of who should provide seating for stadiums should happen in the coming months. Cipriano explains that the company has secured certification from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) for the supply of material. According to him, a template was created to meet the specific market. “A template can serve four stages simultaneously. The idea is to have two or three because there are several other opportunities, “he says. Besides the World Cup stadiums, the businessman says “any arena would market” for Nora Bluecube.

The seats are made of polypropylene and high-impact polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. “This seat has metal frame and uses injected gas, which makes it stronger than steel and very light. It is virtually impossible to destroy and for safety it is very strong, “he explains.


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