AQUAhydrate® Launches Rebranding Campaign with New Packaging & Website, Broadens Focus from Elite Athletes to Active, Everyday Warriors



New Corporate Team Led by CEO John Cochran, Former President/COO of Fiji Water

 As the pursuit of healthier lifestyle choices swells into the mainstream, AQUAhydrate, Inc. has announced a substantial rebranding campaign, expanding its marketing focus from elite athletes to a broader swath of active, health-conscious consumers – “Everyday Warriors” who want to perform at the top of their game in every aspect of their lives. AQUAhydrate® is guided by a new team led by former Fiji Water President/COO John Cochran, an expanded sales division, and a group of board members/investors which includes a swath of mega-wattage celebrities and Fortune 500 executives.

“Consumers who care about their health are discovering that some sports drinks and many enhanced waters are loaded with calories, sugars and unnatural ingredients such as artificial sweeteners,” explains Cochran.  Already embraced by dozens of professional and amateur athletes, including the U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team, Cochran says that AQUAhydrate aims to offer the same benefits as a lifestyle brand to consumers passionate about their health and other interests.  The company is sponsoring dozens of events nationwide, from fitness competitions to charity marathons, indoor arts & cultural exhibitions to outdoor music festivals, seeking to connect with Everyday Warriors on all of their passion points.

AQUAhydrate has unveiled a new logo, a taller 500mL bottle and a new 700mL sport-top to complement its existing 1 Liter container.  Concurrently, the company has launched a redesigned website better geared toward active consumers (, incorporating educational tools, live event streams, fully integrated social media, and a retail store finder with robust e-commerce capabilities.

Since 2009 AQUAhydrate has distinguished itself as a product offering Supercharged Hydration™ through an effective combination of purity, electrolytes, minerals and alkalinity.  Designed to help the human body run cleaner and more efficiently, its high alkalinity, in particular, helps restore balance.  Certain foods such as sugar, coffee, meat and processed grains can promote acidity in the body, which throughout the course of time can cause “Acid Tide,” leading to a loss of strength, vitality and bone/muscle mass.  While many sports and vitamin drinks hover around a 4 pH (relatively acidic) and most bottled water between 7.0-7.5 (pH neutral), AQUAhydrate stands apart at 9+ pH (relatively alkaline).  This makes it an ideal part of a balanced diet that may include other alkaline-promoting foods and drinks, such as most raw vegetables, fruit, sprouted grains, olive oil, honey, apple cider vinegar and green tea.

AQUAhydrate benefits from a proprietary, three-step process.  First comes a rigorous purification that filters and removes impurities at the micro level.  Then AQUAhydrate is infused with electrolyte minerals sourced from the nutrient-rich lake regions of Utah. Finally, electrolysis is utilized to “supercharge” the water’s ionic structure, raising its pH to a highly alkaline 9+ (in contrast to some other bottled waters which add a liquid concentrate to artificially raise the pH).  This provides immediate benefits while allowing it to retain its pH 9+ alkalinity for up to two years. The result: a smooth, crisp, refreshing, easy-to-drink water that provides superior hydration, restores balance, and helps people feel and perform their best.

About AQUAhydrate
AQUAhydrate, Inc. is a Southern California-based health and fitness company founded on innovative technology and science.  Through a proprietary process, its water is purified to some of the most rigorous standards in the industry, raised to an alkaline pH of over 9, and supplemented with electrolytes and natural trace minerals.  It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity, electrolytes and minerals which fuels ultimate hydration, balance and performance, and which has made AQUAhydrate the water of choice for myriad health/fitness authorities, athletes, and celebrity endorsers.  AQUAhydrate is available through a variety of grocery, health and natural foods stores throughout the U.S. and


SOURCE AQUAhydrate, Inc.

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