Pets-idential Election Race Searches for Top Dog for 2013


Pets-idential Election Race Searches for Top Dog for 2013
Canine Cabinet Positions Also Open in Best Friends Pet Care Campaign

The company will award the title of Canine in Chief to the top vote-getter in its Pets-idential Election Contest, which runs throughout the month of October.  The winner also will receive a year’s worth of boarding or doggy day camp at any Best Friends Pet Care ( nationwide.

Four runner-up candidates will earn the key Canine Cabinet posts of Vice Canine in Chief, Secretary of Play Time, Treasurer of Treats and Director of Pet Pampering for the 2013 year.

“Election season makes us think about the qualities of leadership,” said Renee Coughlin, Vice President of Marketing for Best Friends Pet Care. “Loyalty, trust, concern for the pack – since these are the traits of our canine companions, we decided it was high time to elect a Top Dog and Cabinet.”

To join the race, each candidate must upload a patriotic photo and his or her campaign promise — such as “A Couch for Every Canine” or “A Treat in Every Mouth” — to the Best Friends Pet Care Facebook page (  All balloting will be conducted through the page and the winners will be selected by popular vote.

“Dogs are such an upbeat group, we expect a positive race,” Coughlin added. “No dirty tricks or mud-slinging will be permitted, although dirty and muddy dogs are welcome to run.”

The public is invited to vote for the candidates of their choice through October 31, 2012.  Election results will be announced on November 1, 2012 and the winning candidates will begin their terms of office January 1, 2013.

About Best Friends Pet Care

Best Friends Pet Care Inc. has led the U.S. pet care industry for more than 20 years. The company offers customized, comprehensive care for dogs and cats — including boarding, daycare, grooming and training – all under one roof at 42 pet care centers in 18 states.  Best Friends Pet Care is the exclusive pet care provider for Walt Disney World(®) Resort in Florida.  Founded in 1992, the Company is headquartered in Norwalk, CT.

SOURCE  Best Friends Pet Care


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