Hot Rod enthusiasts will get revved up with new book

Hot Rod enthusiasts will get revved up with new book

The Great American Hot Rod Explained is now available
Just what is a hot Rod? It’s a concept, and, of course, it involves speed. That’s the first thing you’ll learn in Maine author M. deLesseps’ new book, The Great American Hot Rod Explained.
Recently released by The American Hot Rod Foundation, this informative and entertaining book, packed with colorful watercolor illustrations by the author, is sure to please anyone with an automotive interest ranging from Model Ts to dragsters.The book traces the evolution of hot rod engines and modifications and looks at tools and other facets of the hobby as it “tells the magical tale of hot rodding.”

“Almost from the beginning of the American Hot Rod Foundation in 2002, we thought about publishing a book on hot rodding that would explain to kids and adults what this great hobby is all about,” says Steve Memishian, founder and director of the foundation. “It would slow down the reader from today’s warp speed, go back in time, and experience hot rods and hot rodding for what it was then–fun, adventure, camaraderie and common sense.”

The author, M. deLesseps, is an award-winning art director who spent 40 years in New York advertising agencies and lifelong hot rod owner and builder. “To me there’s nothing like a well-built hot rod, and I have owned and built many,” he says. “I have the best memories of short and long hot rod trips all across the country.”

The book gets an enthusiastic endorsement from Ron Main, the famed Speed Demon racer. “Cars, hot rods, speed and racing have been a major part of my life,” Main says. ” This book is for me, and for children from 8 to 80. It’s for those who want to learn, or for those who just want to remember. M. deLesseps has hit a home run!”

The book is available on the AHRF website,, where you will also find thousands of catalogued car photos, video and more, all designed to preserve, promote and celebrate the history of hot rodding.

The Great American Hot Rod Explained
American Hot Rod Foundation
Hardbound with jacket $19.95
50 pages and more than 60 watercolor illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9823477-1-3

SOURCE American Hot Rod Foundation


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