Bang & Olufsen Announces the US arrival of its BeoVision 11 flagship TV

Providing spectacular sound, best-in-class video, exquisite design and convenient access to a complete range of online possibilities

Bang & Olufsen, the global provider of high quality, custom made audio and video products, proudly launches its first Smart TV, BeoVision 11, will arrive in Bang & Olufsen US showrooms this month. BeoVision 11 sets new standards in the marketplace with its rich sound, design perfection, full connectivity and best-in-class video experience. It features an all-in-one entertainment and information hub for the entire family. With BeoVision 11, Bang & Olufsen has created a signature balance of form, function and technology that will keep everyone in the digital household enthralled for years to come.

According to CEO, Tue Mantoni, BeoVision 11 was conceived to provide the entire family with a comprehensive array of up-to-date digital entertainment of the highest caliber – without compromising the timeless aesthetics, intuitive controls and high-quality sound that Bang & Olufsen is famous for. “We want to provide our customers the same premium experience no matter whether they are watching TV, downloading a film, using the internet or trying out the latest video game. BeoVision 11 has been designed to keep up with everyone in the family – and to keep them amazed, with nothing between them and their content – as technology continues to evolve in new directions.”

Outstanding sound and arresting picture quality

Bang & Olufsen has engineered a high-quality sonic experience that features six speakers into BeoVision 11’s slim interior, and powers each of them with its own dedicated 32 watt ICEpower amplifier. Their enclosure is supported with rubber bushings to wipe out vibrations in the rest of the TV. A powerful new digital signal-processing algorithm pulls it all together, and switches seamlessly between dedicated sound modes when it detects music, sports, drama, movies, etc. The result is an impressive, clear sound experience – uncommonly produced from a flat-screen television. BeoVision 11 offers a full digital surround sound decoder module that delivers up to 12 audio channels using Bang & Olufsen’s TrueImage(TM) processor. True Image(TM) technology dynamically handles up-and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with the available loudspeakers, yielding an audio performance that is unparalleled by any other television.

At the heart of BeoVision 11 is an all-new video engine that drives the 240Hz LED-based LCD screen, with glare polarizer, in either 2D or 3D. The two-sided LED backlight features 1.5 D local dimming to significantly improve contrast in 2D viewing. Digital noise and motion blur are radically reduced to reveal a stunningly natural picture, even in the most demanding of circumstances.

Bang & Olufsen is introducing a number of other exciting image improvement features with BeoVision 11:

— 360 degree Automatic Picture Control: Senses ambient light not only in
front of the screen, but also behind it and to both sides, to
continuously adjust brightness and contrast for optimal viewing comfort.
— Adaptive Contrast: Reveals unprecedented detail in very dark scenes even
when bright sunlight floods the screen.
— Dedicated picture modes for film and gaming: In addition to the default
adaptive picture mode, these new modes provide gamers with
lightning-fast responsiveness and film lovers with white balance just
like the director set it.
Easy access to content and convenient control

BeoVision 11 is the first television to feature a Bang & Olufsen Smart TV, a new platform that lets you switch easily between television channels and the internet. There is also a Picture and Picture function where the viewer can watch both at the same time.

Just connect your set to the internet, wirelessly or wired, and start enjoying web-based content on the big screen in seconds. Choose between popular apps such as YouTube and Facebook, or surf wherever else you want to go. You can even save bookmarks. Page navigation can be handled with the dedicated remote by Bang & Olufsen, or you can use your iPad or Android tablet – and the BeoRemote app – to take advantage of QWERTY keyboards.

Convenient control is an important part of the BeoVision 11 experience. Both of Bang & Olufsen’s remotes, Beo4 and Beo6, provide simple and intuitive control of all TV functions – as well as any other connected device – and even home automation for the truly connected.

BeoVision 11 is a DLNA TV, which makes it simple to stream music from a smart phone and to watch a film stored on a NAS drive. In addition it provides connectivity to just about anything you want to throw at it through Wireless Network 2.4 or 5 GHz. Other connections include an Ethernet connection for software updates, two USB ports, three control outlets for control of up to six connected devices, and six HDMI sockets. Additionally, Apple aficionados will appreciate the dedicated space inside the cabinet for Apple TV.

Flexible decorating options – and content for all

BeoVision 11 provides a strong, elegant interior design statement and offers a wealth of color choices to match almost any decor. You can choose between six front fabric colors, (blue, black, white, silver, red, and dark gray), a front frame in silver or black, and rear cabinet in black or white.

It has four stand options and is easy to place the Bang & Olufsen Smart TV where it best fits into the family’s home and lifestyle. Nothing beats the everyday luxury of the motorized floor stand or the new motorized wall bracket: just grab the remote to turn the TV out from the wall in any angle up to 90 degrees and turn it back – and out of the way – when you are done. A wall bracket with manual turn and an easel stand are also available.

BeoVision 11 is available in 40″, 46″ and 55″. On sale exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores this October 2012. Prices begin at: USD $5,995.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in Struer, Denmark, in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, two innovative, young engineers devoted to high quality audio reproduction. Since then, the brand has become an icon of performance and design excellence through its long-standing craftsmanship tradition and the strongest possible commitment to high-tech research and development.

Still at the forefront of domestic technology, Bang & Olufsen has extended its comprehensive experience with integrated audio and video solutions for the home to other areas such as the hospitality and automotive industries in recent years. Consequently, its current product range epitomizes seamless media experiences in the home as well as in the car and on the move.

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