Veterans Military Family for Progress- VMLP- Endorses Obama for President

Veterans and Military Families for Progress proudly and confidently has chosen to endorse President Barack Obama for reelection.  VMFP’s endorsement is recognition of both President Obama’s outstanding achievements as Commander-in-Chief and his support of veteran, active duty, guard, reserve, and military family issues over the past four years.

VMFP is a national, non-partisan, not-for-profit veterans’ 21st Century organization committed to addressing the critical “coming home” issues of our veterans and military families.

As the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts come to a close, the President’s commitment to our veterans of all generations has endured. Over the past four years, President Obama has kept faith with, in the words of President Lincoln, those “who have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan.”  President Obama has upheld our sacred trust with America‘s veterans, wounded warriors and their families.

From the first day he took office, Mr. Obama has made addressing the needs of all veterans and military families a top priority and has committed to ensuring they receive the job security, health care, and education they have earned.

President Obama’s Returning Heroes Tax Credit and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit

Proposals are helping put veterans and our wounded warriors back to work today. To ensure that veterans and their families receive high-quality health care, the President signed legislation that ensures that funding for veteransmedical care is allocated a full year in advance so the VA can count on predictable and sufficient resources for treating our veterans.  Also, his administration has hired more than 3,500 mental health professionals since 2009.

As a Senator, Mr. Obama pushed for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and as President, he has ensured its successful implementation.

VMFP’s primary mission is to support Veterans and Military Families in dealing with the inevitable crucial physical and mental health, employment, education and “coming home” issues. For the past four years President Obama has stood tall in leading the country to fulfill the nation’s moral obligation to those who have served and sacrificed.

SOURCE Veterans and Military Families for Progress

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