July is the high season for tour groups to come to Orlando from South America and experience all that Orlando has to offer. They always travel to Disney, Universal, and all of the other theme parks.They go to shows, restaurants, etc…And, of course, they go to see Sean Slack, the Director of International Sales at the Sports Authority. Thanks to Sean, Sports Authority is becoming a household name in Brazil as well as all over South America. He invited us to come by and see the newly re- modeled store (881 Sandlake Road Orlando, Fl) and get a firsthand look at what the high season means.

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All I can say is, “Wow!” The day we went there, the store had over 1400 passengers, live music from Paulo Lara, and the store registers were singing. Continual waves of tourists and flocks of buses filled the parking lot as the store hummed with excitement and energy. It truly was an amazing sight. Considering how bad the economy is right now and to experience this major influx of traffic, it was incredible.

Besides the enormous traffic, the store itself is completely redone. Brand new tile, paint, signage all over the place in English and Portuguese…They have the largest shoe selection in Central Florida with all of the brands the tour groups want…Mizuno, Asics, Nike, Reebok, Puma, etc…Theyincreased the size of their clothing area with all of the branded clothing. Big time electronics sales with Go pro cameras, Polar heart rate monitors, Garmin GPS. The kids were all buying inline skates, skateboards, paintball, gym equipment…Just a massive, massive store, and clearly the best sports store in Orlando.

The groups were having an amazing time, singing along with Paulo Lara while sitting next to their purchases. The store is so big and easily held this huge group of people. Sean said “This is only the beginning. We expect several thousand tourists this month and throughout the entire year. We cater to South America. This is why I go to Brazil three times a year and why we spend so much time fostering relationships overseas. It’s a lot of work, but this is the fun part.” He was right. We had an amazing time, and we can see why Sean and the Sports Authority are the South American authorities! We wish them continued success.

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