Veterans Day Downtown Orlando-2012

The amount of emotion you carry with you can’t be measured or contained, even if you try. In one week we re-elected President Obama, in one historical event, and we celebrated Veteran’s Day. All Military,The City of Orlando, Mayor Dyer, Commissioners , Schools, Academies, ROTCs , High Schools and several Associations  were present in this great demonstration of love and respect for their Country.

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The Old Glory, the appreciation and the eye in the future waiting for the unexpected to happen, what is still to come,  in the future of many of our young, that  are preparing and hoping to protect all that we believe, all that we always fought for. America is a great  Country, so great that hurts of so much love and respect we all learn to dedicate to it. This immense land of great people, faith and patriotism, America is Home away from home, admiration  that covers our heart in red, white & blue, and we pray that continues to be the torch for freedom.

Today Orlando celebrated Veteran’s Day with a beautiful parade and here it is the best of it for you! Check the pictures and God Bless America!