“Apparently the AIDS virus is so smart it can convince people that it’s no longer a threat…”

“Apparently the AIDS virus is so smart it can convince people that it’s no longer a threat…”

According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States there are an estimated 1,185,000 individuals infected with HIV and 1,014,797 individuals who have been diagnosed with AIDS …and these are only the people who have been tested and we are aware of.

Our History:  We were alone in a hostile world with no answers and a deadly, new disease.  We needed compassion, understanding and resources.  We found all three by starting a support group in the basement of a local church.  In 1988, other community leaders volunteered their support, and the Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, Inc., was established.  In 1989, Hope and Help Center was approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The Center has evolved from a paid staff of two into an AIDS service organization with a staff of 42 at 8 different locations within a four-county region.

As the epidemic has changed and affected minority communities, the Hope and Help Center has evolved and become a diverse, minority agency able to address the needs of all people who require our services.

Our Mission:  To save lives by treating and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Central Florida.

Our Accomplishments:   In calendar year 2011, we delivered our life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention education message to 8,600 individuals, and direct services to over 6,676 individuals infected or affected with HIV/AIDS, and conducted 4,696 free HIV tests. Our services to the HIV/AIDS community include medical case management, health education, adherence counseling, AICP: AIDS Insurance Continuation Program, pharmacy eligibility, HIV counseling, testing and referrals, outreach, peer education, food pantry, and volunteer services.

Our Goals for 2011-2012:

To enhance agency services by focusing on quality.

To build new markets in underserved areas.

To develop partnerships and relationships with other community services to assure total wellness for our clients in areas of co-diagnoses, e.g., diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, hepatitis, kidney disease, etc.

To educate other agencies/systems about the needs of HIV/AIDS consumers to reduce stigma, e.g., housing, mental illness, substance abuse.


Fast Facts:

12,000 in Central Florida are infected/affected with HIV/AIDS; 10% are senior citizens.

In Florida 1 in every 476 women is HIV+.

2 teenagers (ages 14-24) in the U.S. are infected with HIV every hour.

Someone in the U.S. is infected with HIV every 9.5 minutes.


1935 Woodcrest Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792

407-645-2577/FAX 407-645-1570



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