ONCampus Media and Barnes & Noble College Marketing Bring National TV Network Screens to College Campus Stores

ONCampus Media and Barnes & Noble College Marketing Bring National TV Network Screens to College Campus Stores

In-Store Digital Screens Provide Brand Marketers a Dynamic Platform to Promote Their Products and Services

ONCampus Media, the largest national digital media company to serve college campuses, announced its partnership with Barnes & Noble College Marketing (www.bncollegemarketing.com), a division of Barnes & Noble College.

Together, the two companies are delivering a national digital TV network in Barnes & Noble College stores. The network of more than 800 screens are on display at nearly 400 top colleges and universities, providing  entertaining programing and relevant promotions from first-rate brands to more than four million students across North America.

To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/oncampus-media-and-barnes–noble-college-marketing-bring-national-tv-network-screens-to-college-campus-stores-180054201.html

Barnes & Noble College’s Senior Marketing Manager, Marie Policastro, says, “Our number one priority is to create the ultimate shopping experience where students and brands can connect in more meaningful and relevant ways. By adding digital entertainment screens throughout our network of stores, brands that partner with us not only are able to reach students at point of sale, but they are able to deliver a more expressive and captivating message.”

Barnes & Noble College’s marketing division unites leading brands with students to enhance their social and academic experience. Integrated seamlessly into campus life at more than 700 retail stores, the marketing agency uses creative and dynamic promotional campaigns – both in-store, online and on campus – that enable brands to engage and promote products and services that students want and need.  With 60 million impressions annually, the digital TV network screens will deliver students premium, localized programming as they shop, and provide brand marketers a dynamic platform to engage students on campus in a variety of effective ways, including video and static ads, as well as SMS campaigns and QR code promotions.

“By creating a TV network at nearly 400 Barnes & Noble College campuses nationwide, we are better able to reach college students with great media entertainment, as well as deliver targeted messages from our media buyers,” says Scott Krantz, CEO of ONCampus Media.  “Our exclusive partnership with Barnes & Noble College allows us to reach students at the cultural heart of campus, providing brands and companies a unique opportunity to build relationships with college students.”

For more information about how you can reach and build long-lasting relationships with college students through ONCampus Media’s and Barnes & Noble College’s national TV network, and to review a rate card, visit www.on-campusmedia.com.

SOURCE  ONCampus Media


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