Saxbys Coffee Chooses UpShot(TM) Solution to Deliver Superior Single-Serve Experience

National Coffee Retailer Cites UpShot Quality and Scalability as Keys to Growth

Saxbys Coffee has selected the UpShot(TM) Solution to enter the booming single-serve market. Developed by LBP Manufacturing, Inc., the UpShot Solution is an eco-friendly, single-serve filter that is compatible with Keurig® and other single-serve brewers.* Beginning today, Saxbys, a premier coffee franchise, will offer its award-winning ‘Saxbys Signature Blend’ in a single-serve format for customers to enjoy at home or on-the-go.
“We’ve been looking for the best selection to provide our customers with a single-serve option.  After examining a range of options in the market, we chose the UpShot because it delivers a cup of coffee that comes closest to the in-store experience,” said Nick Bayer, founder and president of Saxbys. “Another advantage of the Upshot filter is that it offers a fully recyclable life cycle – a quality that distinguishes itself from other products currently on the market.”

Saxbys will sell the seven-count retail packs exclusively through its 25 retail locations throughout the holiday season. In 2013, Saxbys plans to expand the number of single-serve offerings and will also broaden sales and distribution through online retailers.

“For small-to-mid-size operations like Saxbys, customer loyalty is essential and therefore, quality is key,” said Matt Cook, president of LBP. “UpShot allows Saxbys the ability to control all aspects of production – from the roast, to distribution and pricing.”

Flexible and Favorable Business Model
The UpShot Solution starts with operations, as it gives roasters and brands of all sizes direct control over their product quality and production volume. Now they can ensure quality standards are met every time. Likewise, they can have the ability to rapidly scale capacity up or down in response to marketplace conditions.

The UpShot Solution helps businesses control capital investment related to operations because it is scalable by design. The system includes high-volume packaging equipment for large brands and mid-to-low volume packaging machines for smaller roasters. All equipment options for the UpShot Solution provide hands-on control over year-round production, seasonal offers, and speed-to-market. For instance, Saxbys is working with a local co-packaging partner. In each scenario, the UpShot Solution helps businesses manage inventory at optimal levels.

“The UpShot is a solution that can grow with us,” said Bayer.” We can expand production as needed and have greater flexibility for our customers.”

Profit potential is another key differentiator of the UpShot Solution. Predictions of sustained, double-digit growth in single-serve have created a kind-of “gold-rush” fervor around the category. Yet, as more players enter the single-serve space, commoditization and price compression are genuine concerns. The UpShot Solution is royalty-free, affording greater margin opportunity.

A Full Sensory Experience
The UpShot format includes a filter composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene and a Fresh Seal that can be made with recyclable materials. The UpShot filter design harnesses LBP’s extensive technology expertise – it features a unique proprietary mesh that delivers a heightened sensory appeal to the brewing process. Consumers can see and smell their coffee or tea from the moment they open the Fresh Seal (outer package).

To learn more about the UpShot Solution visit and for more information about Saxbys visit

About LBP Manufacturing
For more than 20 years, Chicago-based LBP Manufacturing, Inc. has combined innovation and performance to develop consumer-preferred, sustainable, on-the-go packaging. LBP harnesses innovation in material science, equipment and converting technology to meet varying demand of consumer packages for its customers.  LBP is widely known for its hot beverage solutions such as the original Coffee Clutch® hot cup sleeve, Beverage on the Move(TM) insulated beverage to-go carrier and THERMO GRIP(TM) double-wall hot cups. For more information, please visit

About Saxbys Coffee
Consistently named “Best Coffee” and “Best Coffeehouse” in the 30 communities it serves, Saxbys enjoys a strong presence in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Southern Ohio and Dallas markets, as well as a high profile on college campuses. Known for high quality coffee, specialty drinks, all natural Saxbys Fro-Yo and fresh fruit smoothies, Saxbys diverse product menu is complimented by unwavering customer service and contemporary cafes that are designed uniquely for the neighborhoods they serve. For more information visit

* KEURIG is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc., which is not affiliated or associated with LBP Manufacturing, Inc.

SOURCE  LBP Manufacturing, Inc.


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