Meet Dear Kate


Brilliant Underwear That’s High-Tech, Not High-Maintenance

Announced today, fashion-meets-function lingerie line Dear Kate is arming pretty panties with patent-pending leak-resistant fabrics, solving everyday problems for female athletes, for new moms, and for the 60% of women experiencing overflow during any given month.

“Every woman has a horror story, so we set out to create underwear that does more for you. Dear Kates are making those scenarios a thing of the past,” says founder and CEO Julie Sygiel, whose engineering background guided the development of a high-tech lingerie line boasting the ultimate trifecta: absorbency, breathability, and comfort.

Based on the simple notion that every woman can find the confidence and protection she needs with the style she loves, every pair of Dear Kates – whether hipster, thong or retro high rise – comes with a built-in light-as-a-feather leak-resistant lining.  Delicate to the touch and known for their stain-releasing, machine-washable fabrics, the concept first garnered cult appeal with a previous line, Sexy Period, introduced in 2011 as extra protection during ‘ that time of the month.’

Despite the name, Sexy Period was embraced by athletes for wicking away sweat, by expectant mothers needing extra protection, and by the one in four American women experiencing mild bladder leakage.  With this feedback, Sygiel knew that a rebranding was in order.

The Dear Kate line has now launched at, and will soon appear in boutiques nationwide. This rebranding has also encompassed an expansion to more than 15 styles, from full-coverage briefs, to no-show thongs and lacey one-pieces.  Products are also offered in both Full and Mini linings, tailored to the level of protection desired.

Of the brand’s new moniker, “Kate is that best friend you call in a crisis, the one who rushes to your side with chocolate,” says Sygiel.  And beyond selling fabulous undies, Sygiel and her colleagues have a steadfast commitment to promoting confidence, style and all around brilliance among women. “The women who wear our panties appreciate not only the innovation behind Dear Kate, but also our mission to empower women everywhere to live life to its fullest every day.”

About Dear Kate

At Dear Kate, we believe every woman should hold her underthings to a higher standard.  Our built-in linings provide a leak-resistant, breathable and light-as-a-feather layer, arming the prettiest of panties with a nearly undetectable guard against overflow, leaks and perspiration.  So Dear Kate looks and feels like your favorite pair while providing unparalleled protection so you can move in all the ways you were meant to.  And the best part? No special care required – just toss in the washer, hang dry and go.

SOURCE  Dear Kate

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