Getting ready for New Year’s Glamour !

Christmas Day is almost over and now the next quest for the week is how to look great on New Year’s Eve celebration.

There are many ways to glow, but your make up has to last, look fresh with minor touch ups so you can enjoy.

Also remember that drinking should not be indulged because: lips

  • you are probably driving
  • you do not want to ruin your make up
  • you want to look sexy all night
  • you want to look great in all the pictures, that will probably be taken.
  • you would like you lipstick to last a long time.

blackdresseventWhat to wear is also a big question, and spending on a outfit just for that night is probably something you do not want. So invest in pieces for your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched, and classics like the little black dress, that never goes out of style.

No matter what, enjoy yourself, and make sure your friends do too. Celebrate a great New opportunity! 2013 is coming fast, with many interesting new doors to be opened.

Whatever idea of  a great New Year‘s eve you might have, or wish for, we hope will be the best, and greatest. Here are some hints for make up!

For The Victoria’s Secret  fashion show look, here is what they used:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the MAC End of the Year look – Pretty Collection look

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For the Chanel Holiday Look

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