2013 Green Car Technology Award Finalists Announced

green-car-technology-award-logoTen nominees have been named for Green Car Journal’s inaugural Green Car Technology Award((TM) presented at The Washington Auto Show®. The winner will be announced on January 31 at the 2013 Washington Auto Show during the show’s second Policy Day.

The Green Car Technology Award((TM)) honors an important enabling technology in use today that’s helping create a new generation of fuel efficient, alternative fuel, or low emission vehicles.

“The ‘green’ technologies that make possible achieving ever-higher efficiencies and lower environmental impact are often the unsung heroes of the automotive world,” said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of the Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com. “Whether employed in alternative fuel or conventionally powered vehicles, these technologies work in their own ways toward bringing us more environmentally positive transportation without sacrificing the functionality and driving enjoyment we expect from our vehicles.”

Technologies considered for the award range from advanced powerplants and drivetrain components to on-board systems that work toward increasing efficiencies, reducing petroleum use, or improving environmental impact. Qualifying technologies must be in use by vehicle models today.

Supporting its growing ‘green’ theme, a wide array of advanced technology and clean fuel vehicles will be displayed on the show floor at the Washington Auto Show.

“The Washington Auto Show® is the perfect forum for The Green Car Technology Award((TM)),” says Washington Auto Show Chairman Robert Fogarty. “As the automotive industry’s Policy Show, we are committed to showcasing advancements in eco-friendly systems, alternative fuel engines and other clean air technologies to both our customer community and the policy makers who represent our industry on Capitol Hill. We are honored to have the opportunity to host the nominees and winners for this important award’s inaugural year.”

The 2013 Green Car Technology Award((TM)) nominees include:

—  Fiat MultiAir: This simple, low power requirement, and low-cost
technology takes a unique approach to lowering engine emissions and fuel
use while increasing horsepower.
—  Fisker Automotive EVer: A powerful extended range electric powertrain,
EVer is well-suited to the needs of high-end sport sedan buyers who wish
lower environmental impact.
—  Ford Auto Stop-Start:  Hybrids shut off when stopped and automatically
restart to save fuel and emissions. Ford’s low-cost technology brings
this function to average vehicles.
—  Ford EcoBoost: Direct injection and turbocharging enable EcoBoost
technology to bring up to 20 percent better fuel economy to conventional
gasoline engines.
—  Ford Energi: This technology evolves a conventional Ford hybrid into a
plug-in hybrid, enabling electric and gas engines to work together or
separately for maximum efficiency.
—  Honda Eco Assist: This system includes a driver-activated ECON feature
that configures the engine and other energy-consuming systems to operate
more efficiently to save fuel.
—  Mazda SkyACTIV: Focusing on more than just powerplants, Mazda’s SkyACTIV
suite of technologies improves every part of a car to improve mpg while
ensuring driving fun.
—  Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert: Low tire pressure robs mpg. This technology
alerts a driver which tire is low and by how much. While a driver fills
the tire, the horn chirps at proper inflation.
—  Tesla Powertrain: Fast and powerful, the all-electric propulsion system
in Tesla’s Model S is a milestone for electric vehicles offering up to
265 miles of driving range.
—  Toyota RAV4 EV Powertrain: Developed with Tesla, the electric powerplant
in Toyota’s new RAV4 EV provides this SUV a seamless and satisfying
driving experience.
Important ‘green’ technologies still under development or found only in models outside the U.S. will be considered in future award years when used in vehicles driven on American highways.

About Green Car Journal
The award-winning Green Car Journal has focused on the intersection of automobiles, energy, and environment since its launch in 1992. As part of its mission, the magazine hosts events, produces ride-and-drives of advanced and clean fuel vehicles, and conducts various outreach efforts to educate consumers on better and more environmentally positive vehicle choices. A digital sample of the print edition can be viewed at www.gcjusa.com.

About WANADA and The Washington Auto Show
The 2013 staging of the 71st Washington Auto Show in Washington, DC will offer a showcase of more than 700 vehicles from over 43 domestic and import manufacturers. The 2013 Washington Auto Show opens to the public from Feb. 1-10 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and is produced by the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA). Founded in 1917, WANADA represents more than 225 franchised new vehicle dealers and 75 kindred-line members operating in and around the Capital Beltway, representing the metro Washington, DC auto market.

SOURCE  The Washington Auto Show

The Washington Auto Show


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