WILD PLANET PRODUCTIONS Announces A New Television Series: BIGGEST AND BADDEST With Niall McCann


Biggest and Baddest features global explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann pursuing huge, ferocious animals wherever they’re found in the world.

Niall follows up on legendary accounts of these formidable animals:  handling them, measuring them or getting as close as possible- to discover the truth.  In each country, he tells the story of these animals’ survival and struggle in the face of poaching, human settlement and natural disasters.

Climbing up mountain peaks, crossing jungle rivers, wading through swamps and dangerous tall grass, Niall looks danger in the face and goes beyond the legends: getting as close to these creatures as any human dare go.

Niall’s fearless approach is borne from years of expedition and fieldwork in many of these locations.  Niall’s rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Greenland‘s polar ice cap,  lived in jungles and climbed mountain peaks:  in the series, he’ll use his skills as a mountaineer and supreme athlete to penetrate places most biologists would never venture.

In Australia we meet: giant  Saltwater Crocs and Cassowary- the world’s “most dangerous bird”; in South America: giant Anaconda.  In Asia: huge tigers and giant ‘mammoth-like’ Asian Elephants.  In the US:  invasive large Feral Hogs spreading across dozens of states.  Working with local experts, Niall records, captures, weighs and measures fearsome creatures in their habitat.   Niall’s work in Biggest and Baddestwill bring television viewers closer than ever to these formidable animals and in some cases, shed new light on giants of the species not seen before!

BIGGEST AND BADDEST is produced and directed by Peter von Puttkamer of WILD PLANET PRODUCTIONS along with producer Sheera von Puttkamer.  Airing on Velocity Channel beginningJanuary 5, 2013 and worldwide on Discovery Networks.

Website:  http://www.niallmccannbiggestandbaddest.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dontpokeitwithastick
Twitter: Niall McCann @ NiallPMcCann


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