CFBACC @ Crowne Plaza Universal-First Happy Hour of the Year !

Under new management, CFBACC starts 2013 with a new attitude and a great Business after hours at Crowne Plaza Universal. 


With great food, spirits and also new guests, the event went smooth, and shows a serious promise of great events and greater network opportunities in 2013. CFBACC grows with the purpose of generate more business and network opportunities to all that attends their events. CFBACC believes that if the Organization is successful promoting business partnerships, the initiative will also revert in more membership and growth.

Being a Brazilian American Chamber gives us a vast territory, not only Brazilian, but also American and everyone that is focused in grow their business, is welcome. “We believe in the power of hard work and seriousness” , said President Amy Litter , that started changing it’s entire structure a year ago, and now has a renewed mentality, with a Legacy of Transparency.

The Chamber promises more, and it is working hard. With the beginning of a new year, adopted the creation of new committees, such as  Business and Ethics, International Business, Membership, Events, and Government Relations Committee, but CFBACC is also looking for volunteers among its members to participate and help with all tasks for 2013. The best is yet to come and with hopefully lots of members joining the working Committees, will give the Chamber a faster pace to reach their goals. Let progress begin!

Thank you to Crowne Plaza Universal, for the excellent service, food, and for being so generous to all guests. The Crowne Plaza Universal is one of CFBACC Trustee Members, and we look forward to many years of this great relationship.


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