— Fogo de Chão, dining for the adventurous dating experience —  

 Candlelight and roses are predictably pleasant ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, but studies show more adventurous activities that get the heart pumping faster actually bring couples closer together.  In fact, in the September 2012 issue of WomensHealth magazine, psychoanalyst and author Paul Joannides insists, “fun is the best aphrodisiac.”

That’s why Orlando‘s own high-energy dining experience — Southern Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão – has some unique date-night ideas to feed couples’ needs for adventure.  

Location: Austin, TexasDescription: Fogo de Chao resturant.

“We are a vibrant, expressive, fun dining experience, which is a little different than what you might encounter at other high-end steakhouses here,” says Head Gaucho Chef Paulo Simonetti.  “Our guests are naturally drawn to lively atmospheres and are generally eager to experience life at its fullest, so our date-night suggestions are the perfect prelude to an evening at Fogo.”

Several ideas are within a few minutes of the restaurant and include:

Ø  Twilight Helicopter Tour — a brilliant flight at 11,000 feet to see the city in a whole new way.

Ø  Zip Lining — a daring physical feat directly over Florida alligators and Nile crocodiles.

Ø  Indoor Skydiving  — an adrenaline-boosting sensation of free-fall without a parachute.

Ø  Go-Kart Racing — a fast and furious race in electric Italian pro-karts that reach 50 mph.

Ø  Reverse Bungee Jumping — a mix of fun and fright that shoots riders straight to the stars 390 feet above ground.

Ø  Salsa Lessons — an appetite-enriching session that includes salsa, swing and cha cha.

To see a full list of activities in the area, please visit,

To dine at Fogo de Chão for High-Octane Date Night, guests should make a reservation at  Couples are encouraged to share photos at of themselves experiencing one of these dating adventures.

About Fogo de Chão. Fogo de Chão is known as the premiere Brazilian steakhouse. The restaurant was founded in 1979 in Southern Brazil, and expanded into the United States in 1997. The Orlando restaurant is located at 8282 International Drive and is the 18th location in the United States. More information at

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