CFBACC- First Breakfast of the Year with speaker Sean Slack

Today February 8th 2013, Friday, almost Carnaval, The CFBACC officially started a New Year.  Our first breakfast at The Florida Hotel was a success.

With a large attendance, new members  joining and  great networking the Chamber one more time sends the message that all the innovations done are finally paying off. 

The Chamber recently created new committees, allowed volunteers working, and it is improving it’s structure. We are finally seeing the results, little by little. A journey that started in 2012 when President Amy Litter was elected, and just this year she was re-elected in order to continue all the changes necessary to place the Chamber in higher standards.

Changes are never easy, nobody likes them, it shakes things, and it is hard to adapt. But when you see the results you understand and recognize, it feels great to be part of something so important.

Our Company Hotspotorlando, started in 2010, and we joined in 2011. In 2012 I became a Director and I have been re-elected. I can say that many times it felt impossible to be able to argue your point of view, ideas, and opinions. But all the argumentation in the world would not be enough to avoid the growth and the satisfaction to see all the results.

We are starting a new Year, with a different Board, new goals and objectives, and a great promise of a wide new road ahead of us, leading into a great future, not only to us but also to all that are part of this organization.

Our thanks to The Florida Hotel, specially Simone Kuska – Manager for the great service and for her work as a Treasurer for the Chamber. we are proud to see all the changes and innovations. Our thanks also to Sean for the great speech and dedication, to make this event so special.  We would also like to thank all the people present, Aleli Dantes-Dream Vacations,Ronni Mandelson-Drink Chia LLC., Julia Sosa-Real Property Specialists,Ivan Marasca-Bright House Media Strategies, Scott Brown-Hardie Consulting, Charles E Brenner-Commercial Real Estate, Rosalina Stober-HBIF– Vice president Central Florida, Ligia Root- MoneyCorp, Carlos Zuniga-Mizz-Realty Group, Murray Tulkov Jr. Macy’s Vice president at The Florida Mall Store, Rosemarie’s Mobile Glam Boutique, Dahlia Hayles- Legal Shield-Darr Solutions, Justine Assal-Florida Link President, Nicolle Hatti- Florida Link Project Manager, Nicole St LouisWestgate Resorts, Cleberto Copetti- Imoveis in OrlandoUS, Jacques Wladmirski-Orlando Fun Rentals, Alyssa Anderson-Dave&Busters, Rick Rivera-Ramada Gateway Orlando,Charles Barrett-Discount 102, Melissa Pennington-Drury Hotels, Deanna Roberts-Mary Kay, Paulo Simoes- Big Italy Pizza & Pasta, Lucia Camara-Wellness & Nutrition Institute, Eddie Marles-AC Milan Junior Program Coordinator, Craig Minegar-Attorney at Law Winderweedle, Hanes, Ward & Woodman, P.A., Sandra Freier – New Hope Assistance Center.

Please check he pictures !

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