Orlando City Soccer- ESPN- Wide World of Sports- Walt Disney World- Pro Soccer Classic-Feb 9/23rd 2013

First Game  and what a great moment. Orlando City was a great surprise, besides the fact that we have been waiting to see the team play, I was very glad to see it has matured. The team has its own play signature now, it is like see them dance and play at the same time. The goalie Gallardo is  a huge player , does his job with honors and keeps his cool, to also perform as a Captain. The team with some new faces in together, all in one, pulsing as one, a great gift! And the great fans, The Ruckus and Iron Lion, making the noise. I can surely say we were glad to be there.

The Orlando City played the Philadelphia Union, final score 1 x 1

The structure Disney, great as usual with many cast members to greet and help in any way they could. The ESPN-Wide World of Sports is great in every aspect, the size, the number of events that can hold at once, and the signature Disney. Really a great event. Enjoy the pictures!

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