Roll Out The Red Carpet: Special K® Popcorn Chips For Your Guilt-Free, Award-Worthy Snacking

KELLOGG COMPANY SPECIAL K POPCORN CHIPSRoll Out The Red Carpet: Special K® Popcorn Chips For Your Guilt-Free, Award-Worthy Snacking

Special K teams up with celebrity nutrition expert to reveal snacking secrets of the stars

– Are you #RedCarpetReady? Try @SpecialKUS Popcorn Chips to satisfy sweet and savory cravings, guilt-free

– With 120 calories for 28 chips, @SpecialKUS Popcorn Chips add glamour, not guilt, to award show snacking

Whether catching up on this year’s nominated movies or hosting a viewing party, new Special K® Popcorn Chips are perfect for guilt-free snacking during the season’s most anticipated award show. That’s why celebrity nutrition expert Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD, one of Hollywood’s go-to weight management resources, is partnering with Special K to reveal snacking secrets that keep the stars #RedCarpetReady.

“Celebrities are human — they have cravings just like the rest of us,” said DeFazio. “Rather than deprive yourself, the key is to choose guilt-free snacks throughout the day — like Special K Popcorn Chips, which satisfy sweet and savory cravings and provide a tasty baked crunch.”

From celebrity snacking to perfect picks for your award show party, chat with Lisa about how to prepare for all your #RedCarpetReady moments. DeFazio will host a Twitter chat from the @SpecialKUS handle from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 21. Following is a taste of DeFazio’s insider tips that add style and savvy to snacking:

—  Create an Award-Winning Combo. Include carbohydrates, protein and
healthy fat for a satisfying, full feeling. Pair your guacamole or
hummus with veggies like carrots or red peppers and baked chips like
Special K Popcorn Chips.
—  Stay Well Hydrated. Your liquid calories are just as important as your
food calories – at zero calories, water is a great solution. Fill a
pitcher with ice water and lemon slices for a fresh, hydrating option.
—  Get your Timing Right. The parties may extend all night long, but your
snacking has a time limit. Avoid evening snacks close to bedtime; allow
two hours between snacking and sleep to give your digestive system a
break overnight.
While eyes will be glued to the red carpet for the latest fashion, hands will be occupied with the snack spread. DeFazio’s viewing party tips will keep you and your guests satisfied and guilt-free throughout the show.

—  Style Your Snacks. Just like every star has their own look on the red
carpet, so should your snacks. Make munching exciting for guests by
including snacks in a wide variety of colors and textures served in fun
bowls and platters.
—  Know Your Labels. While designer labels rule the red carpet, nutrition
labels are king on the couch. Pay special attention to portion sizes and
calories and be sure your snacks are around 150 calories. Special K
Popcorn Chips come in Sweet & Salty, Butter, and Sea Salt varieties and
are 120 calories for 28 chips.
—  Veg Out. Keep veggies in the middle of your girls’ night for guests to
munch on freely while relaxing in front of the television. You can feel
good about filling up on these low calorie, high fiber options without
any waistline consequences!
Special K Popcorn Chips can be found in the cracker aisles of grocery, mass and convenience stores nationwide. Visit or to learn more about how to stay #RedCarpetReady.

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