This is What the Future of Lighting Looks Like


One of the most highly anticipated KickStarter projects of all time LIFX, the multi-color, app controlled light bulb has revealed the final design of their futuristic LED light bulb.

The design has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from backers, LIFX fans and social media channels. The LIFX team have given their 9,000 backers a choice of four finishes which is currently being decided via online poll.

“The front runner so far seems to be pearl white,” says founder and CEO Phil Bosua, adding “but there is a significant number of backers requesting LIFX be made available in all four colors.”

LIFX launched as a major KickStarter success, raising US$1.3m in six days prior to Philips announcing their own entry into the smart bulb market.

When asked about the competition, Bosua welcomes the comparison: “It’s phenomenal to see the response we’ve had, and the fact that a giant like Philips is entering the market validates it for us even further.” He added, “The announcement of our design, and the response it’s had, clearly indicates this is the future of lighting.”

In addition to the new design, LIFX also announced that the bulb would be rated for a brightness exceeding 900 lumens, which is approximately equivalent to a traditional 75 watt incandescent bulb.

“You want smart bulbs to be as bright as possible, because with full control via the app, brightness is your only limit,” explains Bosua. “With LIFX you’ll be able to choose from over 16 million colors, control every light from your smartphone, and do some cool tricks like visualizing music just by changing your light bulbs, and all without compromising on brightness.”

With KickStarter products such as Pebble now shipping, there is a growing optimism that KickStarter projects have real potential to disrupt established markets and carve out new niches based on innovation and creative applications of technology.

“The light bulb hasn’t changed much in over 125 years and the smart bulb revolution is just beginning. It’s an incredibly exciting time to give people a clean energy alternative and help make their homes smarter,” Bosua explains. The new design shows just what the future may look like.

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