Chummies: Bracelets That Pull Apart for Friends that Stick Together

CHUMMIES LLC BRACELETChummies: Bracelets That Pull Apart for Friends that Stick Together

Friendship Bracelets for Inclusion

Chummies, LLC is proud to announce the launch of the newest, most inclusive, and most innovative friendship bracelet to hit the market — Chummies. These silicone, latex free, interlocking bracelets come in perfect pairs, and can be pulled apart and given to a close friend or ‘chum’. The beauty of this product is that you don’t have to find just one perfect match, because there are different pairs for all of your chums. From peanut butter & jelly, mac & cheese, tennis shoes & high heels, and a guitar & amp, there is something unique for every set of friends.

Kelly Casaccio and Amy Orlando, the creators of these bracelets, and middle school teachers, dreamed up the idea of a product that could be shared between friends without having to pick just ‘one best friend’. With the idea that each person who touches our lives brings something unique, Chummies allows friends to build upon their relationships and their Chummies with each new pair. “We wanted a positive way to celebrate friendships where everyone could feel included and focus on what makes each person unique. These perfect pairs of bracelets are a constant reminder of what each friend brings to your life,” said Kelly.

Sold online at, Chummies can be purchased for $4.99 a pair. Chums of all ages can go to the interactive website to share pictures of themselves and their friends with Chummies, participate in contests to create the next set of Chummies, and more.

Chummies LLC is committed to accepting and celebrating one another’s differences and individuality. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Pacer Center or the Born This Way Foundation to support inclusion, acceptance, and the fight against bullying.

For Friendships That Keep on Building

SOURCE  Chummies LL

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